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Battle of Craney Island Bicentennial (June 2013)

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  • Noon: US Army 105mm Howitzer fires 21-gun salute at Fort Norfolk honoring the Battle of Craney Island.
  • USS Constellation's Sailing Master, de la Roche, sketched this map of the Battle of Craney Island the next day. He was an eyewitness and present at the battle. Note the 2 USN gunboats by the bridge.
  • (L to R) MGEN Taylor (Virginia Militia/National Guard), LTG Halverson (US Army), VADM Johnstone-Burt (Royal Navy.
  • The Norfolk City Mace is carried into Fort Norfolk by Sergeant William Abele, Norfolk Police.
  • Tidewater Pipes and Drums play an evening Retreat at Fort Norfolk.
  • Uniforms and artillery piece authentic to the War of 1812 period.
  • The 40 foot stepped mast flagpole was constructed by the Naval Heritage Society specifically for the bicentennial.
  • Steve Forrest (l) and Mark Walsh (r) in the Officer's Quarters, Fort Norfolk.
  • The Regency Society of Virginia with Rev. Scott Hennessy at St. Paul's Church, Norfolk.
  • At the Victory Ball, Harbor's Edge, near Fort Norfolk.
  • Period dance at the Victory Ball, Harbor's Edge.
  • In memory of the fallen British forces at Craney Island, June 1813. No American lives were lost in that battle.
  • Old and new; 1812 Royal Marines meet modern Royal Marines.
  • Fun for the kids as well.

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