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Treaty of Ghent Bicentennial Commemoration (February 2015)

57 photo(s) Updated on: Thursday, February 26, 2015
  • Two local breweries collaborated in producing this fine Belgian style beer in honor of the Treaty of Ghent. [Courtesy of the O'Connor Brewing Company.]
  • [Photo courtesy of Magali deVulpillieres -]
  • [Photo courtesy of Magali deVulpillieres -]
  • Judge David Lannetti.
  • [Photo courtesy of Magali deVulpillieres -]
  • Colonel Peter Thompson, US Army (ret) with his wife Rivers.
  • Dr. Ian Ralby with Peggy McPhillips (r), President of the Norfolk Historical Society.
  • Brian Howard, Regency Society of Virginia.
  • Scott MacGregor (l) with Robin and Manny Willis.
  • [Photo courtesy of Magali deVulpillieres -]
  • Breck Daughtrey, Clerk of the Council, with wife Robin.
  • Captain Tom Smith, US Navy (ret), Executive Director of the Hampton Roads Naval Historical Foundation, and wife Elly.
  • Miss Jenna Simpson, Dance Caller and member of the Jane Austen Society of North America.
  • Hampton Roads Chamber Players string quartet. Left to right: Nadine Thierault, Nici Pember, Shirley Luu, Jacob Fowler. [Photo courtesy of Magali deVulpillieres -]
  • Miss Megan Flanagan, Regency Society of Virginia.
  • Mrs. Dolley Madison (Katherine Spivey, Regency Society of Virginia).
  • Lieutenant Ted Speedy and Ensign Lauren Schoenbain.
  • Mme. Agnes Palomeros.
  • The MC, Captain Chris Melhuish, US Navy (ret).
  • Peggy McPhillips, President of the Norfolk Historical Society.
  • Colonel Roger Housen, Belgian Army, proposes the final toast of the evening -- "To Peace and Amity."
  • [Photo courtesy of Magali deVulpillieres -]
  • [Photo courtesy of Magali deVulpillieres -]
  • Treaty Rose dedication at the Chrysler.
  • Treaty Rose dedication at the Chrysler.
  • Treaty Rose dedication at the Chrysler. Greg Lanese, Honorary Consul to Belgium with Mimi Lanese.
  • Treaty Rose dedication at the Chrysler. Captain Henry Conde, USN (ret), President of the Ghent Heighborhood League.
  • Treaty Rose dedication at the Chrysler.
  • Treaty Rose dedication at the Chrysler. Peggy McPhillips with Allan Bull (c) and Greg Lanese (r).
  • Mrs. Dolley Madison (Katherine Spivey) escorted to the dance floor by her military aide, Colonel Howard.
  • Mr. William Weissner (r) President of the Regency Society, escorts his wife, Stacy, to the dance floor for "Ramsgate Assembly."
  • [Photo courtesy of Magali deVulpillieres -]
  • Silke Ott (l) of Ghent Floral designed and donated the stunning floral centerpieces, assisted by the Woman's Club of Norfolk.
  • John Quarstein, Dinner Speaker.
  • Commander Iain Whyte, Royal Navy, accepts the "return" of Schooner Saturn's Ensign from Colonel Robert Talbott, Virginia Militia
  • Captain Todd Creekman, US Navy (ret), Executive Director of the Naval Historical Foundation, with his wife Debbie.
  • Wing Commander Andrew Lloyd, Royal Air Force.
  • Ms. Jennifer Jones with Commander Patrick Culver, US Coast Guard.
  • Craig Jones, US Army Corps of Engineers.
  • John Lindberg, Virginia Symphony Orchestra.
  • Mrs. Ashley Cheek.
  • Treaty Rose dedication at the Chrysler. The Belgian contingent!
  • Combined US and UK Color Guard provided by NATO Allied Command Transformation.
  • The elegant floral centerpieces were donated to the event by "Ghent Floral."
  • Kate Melhuish, Regency Society of Virginia.
  • Examples of the visual displays printed by the Hampton Roads Naval Museum that were arranged around the ballroom.
  • The fun part of the ball where everyone got a chance to be Mr. Darcy or Miss Elizabeth Bennett.
  • Living history interpreter, Matthew Krogh, as an 1812 US Navy Sailor. With grog.
  • The Color Guard.
  • Jacki Smith, Regency society of Virginia.
  • Mr. Wayne Hill, Violinist.
  • Will Weissner and Jacki Smith of the Regency Society of Virginia dance "Ramsgate Assembly" at the Ball. [Photo courtesy of Magali deVulpillieres -]
  • Chris Melhuish (l) and Matt Krogh (r) interpret the War of 1812 Navy at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. The Cat-o-nine-tails is to motivate. [Photo courtesy of HRNM]
  • The Bicentennial Gala ballroom just before guests arrive at the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club.
  • A full house at Chris Pieczynski's excellent lecture "Rediscovering the Treaty of Ghent" at the MacArthur Memorial auditorium.
  • The Regency Society of Virginia's demonstration dance team with the caller Jenna Simpson (l) and violinist (c), Wayne Hill. [Photo courtesy of Magali deVulpillieres -]
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